Alexandria Hall is a poet and musician from Vermont. She received her MFA from NYU, where she also served as web editor of Washington Square Review. She is founder and editor-in-chief of tele- magazine. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in NarrativeJellyfishBOAATThe Bennington Review, Memorious, and elsewhere.

"Geosmin," Foundry, September 2018
"Something Important Put Clumsily Away," Cosmonauts Avenue, June 2018
"Sonnet with a Line from Wordsworth," Narrative Magazine Poem of the Week, January 2018
"My Love," Narrative Magazine, January 2018
"Contrition," Narrative Magazine, January 2018
"I Contain Myself Needfully," Pouch, October 2017
"A Series of Losses," The Bennington Review, June 2017
"In the Nets," The Bennington Review, June 2017
"Slumber Party," BOAAT, Nov/Dec 2016
"Travel Narrative, " BOAAT, Nov/Dec 2016
"Practice Test for Insatiable Loneliness," Jellyfish Magazine, October 2016
"Field Music," Narrative Magazine, May 2016
"Spring Cleaning,Narrative Magazine Poem of the Week, April 2016
"Syrinx," Memorious, Summer 2015